Mt York Track, Berghofer's Pass
Pass of Victoria
Lawsons Long Alley
Lockyer's Pass
Kanimba Valley - Slide Show
Kanimbla Valley - Panorama
- Reinitz Pass
Ross Cave
Mt Piddington
Fairy Bower
Little Zig Zag
Pulpit Rock Reserve

Mt Victoria Area Map
Mt York Lookout Map
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Mt York Lookout
Every Blue Mountains village has some bushwalking tracks but for superb Blue Mountains scenery, Katoomba, Blackheath, Mount Victoria, Hartley, Wentworth Falls and Leura are the ideal spots.
There is a wide range of flora and wildlife.  You will discover temperate rainforest, open forest canyons, such as on the Grand Canyon walk at Blackheath, containing many ferns and soft leafed trees.
Walkers not sure of their ability to handle the strenuous climbs in and out of the valleys may find the cliff-top walks, such as the Prince Henry Cliff walk, Nature Track circuit, Overcliff Track & Darwins Walk, and visits to the many look-outs more suitable.
The hardy will enjoy walks such as the Grand Canyon walk on Evans Lookout road, Pulpit Rock walk, the Giant Stairway, a climb down National Pass and up through the Valley of the Waters, maybe the Six Foot Track marathon or many more.
Some Historic bushwalks of a fairly 'easy' nature ranging from 1 - 2.5 hours are Lawsons Long Alley, Lockyer's Pass, Berghofer's Pass and the Old Shale Railway walk in the Hartley, Mount Victoria areas.
Katoomba, Leura areas

Giant Stairway

Scenic Walkway

Furber Steps

Federal Pass

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

The Six Foot Track

You can zoom in on the Echo Point  & Cliff Face areas to see walking tracks
The Six Foot Track
Furber Steps
Giant Stairway
Prince Henry Cliff Walk
Lookouts - Katoomba Area

Echo Point   -   The Three Sisters

Gordon Falls Lookout

Cahills Lookout


You can Zoom in on the Echo Point area to see walking tracks

Gordon Falls
Katoomba Falls
Echo Point and the Three Sisters
Blackheath area

Fairfax Heritage Track

Grand Canyon Walk

Pulpit Rock Walk

Horseshoe Falls

Popes Glen Walk

Rodriquez Pass Walk

Trinity Falls

You can Zoom in on Govett's Leap and Evans Lookout to see walking tracks.
Bridal Falls, Govetts Leap Blackheath
Grand Canyon Walk and Evans Lookout, Blackheath
Horseshoe Falls, Blue Mountains
Perrys Lookdown, Blue Mountains NSW
Lookouts - Blackheath Area

Govett's Leap
Information, Panorama and Slideshow

Evans Lookout
Information, Panorama and Slideshow

Hargraves (Shipley) Lookout
Information, Panorama and Slideshow

Pulpit Rock Lookout
Information, Panorama and Slideshow

Perrys Lookdown

Zoom in on Govett's Leap and Evans Lookout, Shipley .

Evans Lookout Views
Govetts Leap View
Hargraves, Shipley Lookout, Blackheath
Kanimbla Valley
Mount Victoria  - Hartley Areas

Mt York Lookout

Kanimbla Valley

Bede's Lookout
Sunset Rock Lookout
Mitchells Ridge Lookout

Mt York Lookout Map

Bushwalks - Other areas

**Leura Cascades
various bushwalks

**Wentworth Falls Area info

**Wentworth Falls Area Map
Nature Track Circuit 
Overcliff Track - Undercliff walk
Darwins Walk
Weeping Rock  
Queens Cascades
Shortcut Track

For Experienced Fit Hikers:
Wentworth Pass 
Vera Falls Track
National Pass to Valley of the Water

**Wentworth Falls Area Map

**Links to more information.maps.
View from Perrys Lookdown
One View from Evans Lookout
View from Horseshoe Falls
One view from Govett's Leap
Echo Point and The Three Sisters
Gordon Falls
Katoomba Falls
Furber Steps
Prince Henry Cliff Walk
The Six Foot Track
View from Mt York Lookout
Kanimbla Valley
Kanimbla Valley
Lookouts - Other Areas:

Wentworth Falls 
Breakfast Point
Sublime Point
The Conservation Hut
Mt Portal
Tunnel View
Mt Wilson
Mt Banks
Pierces Pass
Yellow Rock Lookout
Hawkesbury Lookout

**Wentworth Falls Area Map
** Glenbrook Area Map
**Mt Wilson Area Map
**Yellow Rock Lookout Map

**Links to more information
Tourist Information Centres

Katoomba Tourist Information Centre
Echo Point Rd, Katoomba. Located at Echo Point, adjacent to the Three Sisters. Ph. (02) 4739-6266

Blue Mountains Heritage Centre
(National Parks & Wildlife Service - Weblink)
Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath. At entrance to national park, near Govetts Leap lookout. Ph. (02) 4787-8877

Glenbrook Tourist Information Centre
Great Western Highway, Glenbrook. On the left, about 2km beyond the end of the motorway. Ph. (02) 4739-6266 
All of the centres listed above sell maps, guidebooks & National Parks booklets for bushwalkers.   
One Tree Hill - Mount Victoria
Pulpit Rock Lookout
Leura Cascades
Valley of the waters
Wentworth Falls - bottom
Valley of the waters
Wentworth Falls - Most of..
Weeping Rock
Wishing Chair at Mt York Lookout
At Mt York Lookout
BUSHWALKS:    Katoomba - Leura    Blackheath    Mount Victoria - Hartley    Wentworth Falls - Other Areas
LOOKOUTS:       Katoomba - Leura    Blackheath    Mount Victoria - Hartley    Wentworth Falls - Other Areas
                                                               Historic Bushwalks    Tourist Information Centres
Lockyer's Pass was never completed because Victoria Pass was opened.

From The Darling Causeway you can follows the path of the railway which used to bring the shale up from Hartley Vale - Old Shale Railway Walk.
Historic Bushwalks - Hartley and Mount Victoria

Link to detailed information on the Historic Bushwalks....
Berghofer's Pass came about because Victoria Pass was too steep for motor cars  - Berghofer made the road.

Lawsons Long Alley opened in 1824 and was closed when Victoria Pass opened in 1832
Cox's Road Walk -  from the top of  Mt York to Hartley Vale Road.  Cox's Road was the first road over the mountains, built in 1815 but not used after 1824.

Mt York Lookout/ Cox's Rd Map

Some of the magnificent Blue Mountains bush walking tracks around Katoomba, Blackheath, Mount Victoria & Hartley
Bushwalks - Mount Victoria and Hartley
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'Getaway' to the greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in NSW Australia. 
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Blue Mountains Bushwalking - Bush Walking tracks
at 'The Top of The Blue Mountains' in Katoomba, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Hartley
One Tree Hill - Mount Victoria
The highest point in the City of the Blue Mountains