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Blue Mountains NSW
- Annual Village Highlights....
  • Blackheath Flower & Craft Show
  • Blue Mountains Music Festival
  • 6 Foot Track Marathon

Getting Married
Something 'Very Special'...
Choose one of many beautiful locations for your special day or event...

Conferences, Seminars
Business with Altitude
Functions, Parties, Award Nights

Still More to do...
Camping, Caravaning
Rent a Cave, Picnics, Swimming

Antiques, Collectables
Exploring & Browsing in our historic villages...
In Summer getaway from the lowland heat and humidity.....no need to have a BBQ only to succeed in putting the fire out with the sweat pouring off your forehead.
The temperatures and humidity levels, up here in the blue mountains, are substantially less than what you get out west or in the lowlying areas of the Sydney Basin...a 'perfect' summer temperature that simply makes the day more enjoyable.
How great will it be going horse riding in the magnificent beauty of the Megalong Valley or Centennial Glen?  Our stables have horses that can go in automatic pilot........no need for you to be young and agile....
.....You can discover the wide range of flora and wildlife, temperate rainforests and open forest canyons containing many ferns and soft leafed trees whilst bushwalking, abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain bike riding, cycling, 4WD touring or fishing and camping.
Then you can meander through our villages exploring and browsing the many  Art Galleries,  Antiques and Collectables, historic buildings as well as spending days trying to see and capture all of our magnificent views.

Come at the right time and join in the fun of the Blue Mountains music festival, Robert Burns supper or one of our many annual events.  Also don't miss our.....Theatres, cabarets, live gigs, concerts, giant screen movies and scenic world.

Lastly, but by no means least, you can choose one our beautiful backdrops and one of our excellent venues for your very special occasion, your wedding - it is most definitely the day to be 'On Top of the World' at The Top of the Mountains.
The Three Sisters
Blue Mountains Bush Walking
Horse Riding in Centennial Glen
6 foot track
Blue Mountains World Heritage area ~ local towns & historic villages, buildings - Katoomba, Blackheath, Medlow Bath, Megalong Valley, Mount Victoria, Mount York.
Magnificent views, scenery, look-outs, adventure activities, camping, bushwalks & horse riding, Offroad Tours,  leisure activities.
Art Galleries, antiques & collectables, museums, entertainment, conventions, conferences & seminars and getting married.
Below are links to information on many of the attractions, activities of the area -
Slides Shows and Panoramas to give you a taste of some of the magnificent views, images  & information on many of the bush walking trails and information & images about Katoomba and the local villages of Blackheath and Mount Victoria.
Leisure Activities links provides more information, area maps and links to external sites - Views, Look outs,  Bush walks, historic sites, local areas, open gardens, galleries, golf and bowling clubs....
Things To See & Do
Blue Mountains Activities, attractions, entertainment in  Katoomba, Blackheath, Mount Victoria, Hartley.   Bushwalking, horse riding, adventure activities and sports, exploring and browsing, views and music festivals.
Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW one of eighteen regions in the Highway West , Central West & Blue Mountains NSW, family of websites.
The Katoomba Town and Around Website
Katoomba, Blackheath, Medlow Bath, Mt Victoria, Megalong Valley ACCOMMODATION
Blue Mountains Attractions, Activities ...What To See & Do...
What To See & Do ..on 'The Top of The Blue Mountains' in
Katoomba, Blackheath, Mt Victoria, Hartley
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'Getaway' to the greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in NSW Australia. 
             Visit  | Katoomba | Blackheath | Mount Victoria | Megalong Valley  |  enjoy the breathtaking scenery - partake of the multitude of activities available.
Govetts Leap at Blackheath
Kanimbla Valley
Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba.
The Cultural Centre - features the Art Gallery, World Heritage Exhibition, Katoomba Library, Restaurant/Cafe, Cultural Centre Shop and a Scenic Viewing Platform