Magnificent Views, Historic Villages & buildings in Katoomba, Blackheath, Mount Victoria & surrounding areas.
Echo Point, The Three Sisters, The Jamieson Valley, Narrow Neck, Govett's Leap, Evans & Hargreaves Lookouts, The Megalong Valley, Centennial Glen, Pulpit Rock, Kanimbla Valley, The Darling Causeway, Hartley Valley & Hartley historic village & much more..
Katoomba :

Katoomba - perched on the edge of a 170 metre cliff is the home of Echo Point and the famous Three Sisters and has been a popular bushwalking area for nearly 170 years.

There are many historic paths & stairways.
In Katoomba there is an abundance of  1st class accommodation  and dining - plus at Echo Point you have the Visitors Centre.
Katoomba makes an ideal place to stay in the Blue Mountains.

Here you have the spectacular and dramatic views of the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley plus views to Mount Solitary.
Lookouts are all along Cliff Drive so either from your car or standing on the cliff edge you will have fabulous views of this majestic area.
Three Sisters Slideshow
Echo Point Slideshow
see a larger image of Narrow Neck
Panorama of The Three Sisters and Echo Point
Panorama of the Three sisters and Jamieson Valley
Panorama around Echo Point
Panorama around Echo Point
Katoomba Area
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Katoomba Area
Panoramas: Click each image below to see..
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One aspect of the
Three Sisters and Jamison Valley
Panorama:  Around Echo Point 1
Panorama:  Around Echo Point 2
Narrow Neck
Second aspect of the
Three Sisters and Jamison Valley
Echo Point
The Three Sisters
Echo Point
The Three Sisters
Jamison Valley
Narrow Neck

Katoomba Area Map
Blackheath :

Blackheath Blue Mountains is noted for it's 1st class Guest Houses, Holiday cottages, Romantic Retreats and fine dining and makes another ideal place to stay in the Blue Mountains.

At your doorstep you have magnificent views at Govett's Leap, Evans Lookout & Hargreaves Lookout and The Megalong Valley.

There are many easy bushwalks around the edges of the Grose Valley and of course our superb rhododendron displays are not to be missed.

There are many other attractions in the Blue Mountains all of which are convenient to our town, so come and stay and enjoy the top of the mountains with us.

When you arrive at our cosy village, you have made it to the top of the hill.....Blackheath NSW - the highest township on the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains......1,065 metres
(3,514 feet 6 inches)
above sea level and about 900 metres above the city smog ....pure - clean brisk air - air that you don't bump into....air that you can't see.

Our gardens show off rhododendrons by the thousand - so many that we have a whole celebration for them in November.
Starting in March - avenues of the most beautiful Autumn colours, streets full of trees filled with colourful parrots...and hidden amongst these trees are some of the best accommodation facilities in the whole of the Blue Mountains - B&B's, Guest Houses, Holiday Cottages, Romantic Hideaways - then over to the highway - motels, hotels and resorts.

The highs you get here can be from the spectacular views - Govetts Leap, The Grose Valley, The Megalong Valley, the Kanimbla Valley, Hanging Rock.  These are just a few, there is more and more to see.
Blackheath is a beautiful Blue Mountains village located near the top (1065 metres) of the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia. .
Blackheath Area
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Slide show from Evans Lookout
Autumn time in Blackheath
Around the Megalong Valley
Blackheath Area  -  Panoramas: Click each image below to see..
Panorama from Evans Lookout
Panorama from Govett's Leap Lookout
Panorama looking left from Hargreaves Lookout
Panorama looking right from Hargreaves Lookout
Looking down to the Megalong from Hargreaves Lookout....
Blackheath Village - Beautiful Autumn Colours and the Rhododendron Garden
Evans Lookout
Megalong Valley
Hargreaves Lookout (Shilpley)
Panorama:  From Evans Lookout
Panorama:  From Govett's Leap Lookout
Panorama:  From Hargraves Lookout
Looking to the Left
Panorama:  From Hargraves Lookout
Looking to the Right
Looking from Govett's Leap lookout
Govett's Leap Lookout
Pulpit Rock - The view from the lookout is unsurpassed.
Pulpit Rock Lookout:
Click the image
Pulpit Rock is a very dramatic rock jutting out of the cliff, providing 240 degree views into Govetts Gorge and the Grose Valley.
Blackheath Village
Autumn time in Blackheath
Govett's Leap Lookout
Evans Lookout
Hargreaves (Shipley) Lookout
Megalong Valley
Pulpit Rock
Blackheath Area Map
Mount Victoria :

Mount Victoria is the most westerly township in the Blue Mountains - 120 kilometres from Sydney and 1043 metres above sea-level.

It is a small but very charming historic village that was originally named 'One Tree Hill' and shows on a map dating back to 1834 - the name wasn't changed until 1876 when the first Post Office was built.

There are a large number of  historic buildings, including the Imperial Hotel (1878), St Peter's Church of England (1874), The Manor House, built by John Fairfax in 1876 and the Toll Keepers Cottage (1849).

In Mount Victoria and close by you have Victoria Falls, Victoria Pass, Mt York, Bede's, Sunset Rock & Mitchells Ridge Look-outs, beautiful Bushwalks and the Mount Victoria Historical Museum.

Some of the Historic buildings are now beautiful 1st class accommodation facilities and  combined with their fine food and our other restaurants this makes staying in Mount Victoria another  must for your 'Top of the Mountains' adventure
Mount Victoria Area
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Views along Bells Line of Road
Slideshow of the Kanimbla Valley
Looking around Mount Victoria Village
More of Mount Victoria Village
Mount Victoria Area Panorama:
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Panorama looking down into the Kanimbla Valley
Larger Image:  <Click> the image below
Slide Show:  Mt Victoria Village
Slide Show:  Mt Victoria Village
Slide Show:
Kanimbla Valley
Slide Show:  Along Bells Line of
Panorama:  Looking down into
Kanimba Valley
Large Image:  Along the Darling Causeway
Historic Hartley :

The Hartley area being at the base of Victoria Pass on the western slopes of The Blue Mountains is one of the early settlement areas of NSW and has much for you to do and see -  beautiful scenery, the majesty of The Blue Mountains and Hartley Historic buildings and settlements around every corner including the restored Hartley historic village.

Being the home to many Artists you will discover their work in lovely Historic Galleries scattered through Hartley, Hartley Vale and Little Hartley.

Historic Bushwalks through this area of the mountains - such as Lawson Long Alley, Lockyer's Pass. Berghofer's Pass, Cox's Road walk and the Old Shale Railway walk give you a glimpse of our past, our magnificent scenery and birds and fauna.

Close by you will find the Zig-Zag Railway, Hampton, Glenroy, Lithgow and the Jenolan Caves, Mount Wilson and Mount Tomah.

Hartley Website Link
Hartley Area
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Around Hartley
More of Hartley
More again of Hartley
A panned shot of part of Hartley Historic Village
Larger Image:  <Click> the image below
Slide Show:  Around the Hartley
Slide Show:  Around the Hartley
Slide Show:  Around the Hartley
Large Image:  Hartley Historic Village
Hartley Historic Village
See the Historic Village + Slide Show:
Mount Victoria Village
Kanimbla Valley
Bells Line of Road
The Darling Causeway
Mount Victoria Area Map
Mount York Lookout Map
Hartley Area
Hartley Historic Village
Hartley Area Map

Click the Area Link above to go to that area and see the Slide shows and virtual tours of the locations that are listed below..........
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The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens are located in Bachante Street, Blackheath, just a short distance from the town centre.
'Getaway' to the greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in NSW Australia. 
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